Gender Stereotypes

Let me start by saying this.

  1. I am a Man and I admit that women are far more superior then men in at least 60 % of daily activities encountered by Human beings.
  2. I do acknowledge that Men and Women should have equal rights in every aspect of life, but this doesn’t mean that both sexes are equal in every psychological, physical and intellectual aspect of being a Human. Men and women are supposed to complete each other and not “duplicate” each other. (otherwise we men, would be extinct, since women are way superior than us and they simply won’t need another duplicate anymore).
  3. This article is about Stereotypes, facts and observations about both genders. I tried to by as funny and entertaining as possible, but come on, I know I am not funny. So please bare with me :D.

Men vs Women in Perceiving colors

That Photo below (which I don’t take credit for) is very accurate. We, men, just can’t even bother to learn all those “sophisticated” color names. Women are experts in this field. The stereotype is true, men are like 1st grade students, we are still learning the a, b, c… of colors.



Women are far more flexible than men.

Here is what the average man looks like while he is stretching

Man Stretching

Man Stretching
From Flickr, User: Tony Alter

Women are glorious… their body structure and flexibility is outstanding. Here is what the average woman looks like while stretching :), yep, women are a completely different “Species”

Woman Stretching

Woman Stretching
From Flickr user: Hanumanasana

here is another beauty to help illustrate my point

Woman practicing Yoga

Woman practicing Yoga
From Flickr user: Earl McGehee


Driving Stereotype

Alright, so finally the “Men” team is getting a point. Yeah, we are the better drivers.

Everyone knows that women can’t drive, here is a simple video for anyone who claims otherwise:

Ok, so this stereotype is true. Women can’t drive and men are better drivers.

Gender battles: Multitasking

Here is the truth. Both Men and Women THINK that they can multitask effectively but only one of us can. Guess who is it?

Here is what men mean by multi-tasking

Alright, so the previous video was a comic video and it proves nothing. Right? Well, here is my personal experience and oddly enough, the stories I will be telling you do involve Urinals too :p

Story 1 (The multitasking man):  A couple of weeks ago, while using the toilet, I noticed one man standing by the urinal, his trousers slightly down, he is holding his smart phone in his left hand and his Penis in his right hand and standing there and it appears as if he is there to take a piss and get going. Truth is, he was multitasking! 😀 I went in there did what I had to do, washed my hands and got out and the man was still standing there, just multitasking. hahaha, yes ladies… this is how efficient men are in multitasking.

Story 2 (The multitasking dad): Almost the same scenario as Story 1, but in this one, there was a child, trying to take a leak. The multitasking dad was supposed to carry the kid up because the urinal was too high but the super-dad got a phone call and I swear that I’m not exaggerating, the kid ended up pissing on the floor.

I think I made my point here ;), only women are good in multitasking.

Strength vs Stamina

Let me guess, you think that men are stronger and that men have higher endurance then women. Right?

You are partially right. It is true that men can carry heavier weights, run faster (sprinting), jump higher… etc… but recent studies are showing that women do have higher stamina and endurance than men. In long distance running and Triathlons for example, the gap between men and women runners is collapsing. Moreover, studies suggest that women can outperform men in events lasting more than 3 hours. Estrogen allow women to rely more on fat burning as an energy source and may also protect muscles from exercise-induced damage under some circumstances.

Women running a half marathon

Women running a half marathon
From Flickr
User: The Q Speaks

Out of personal experience, when i attend group exercises having interval training and a mix of heavy Cardio + strength exercises with minimum rest, I find women’s performance to be way superior than men (They do carry slightly less weights, which is only fair since men are usually taller and heavier than women).

This Stereotype is not accurate. The truth is, men might be physically stronger and might perform better on short bursts of exercises, but women have higher endurance and stamina than men.


Women can only get addicted to TV Shows, Shopping or to certain kind of food. Men can get addicted to everything else like cars, sports, games, gambling, porn… etc.

Speaking of shopping, men go shopping to buy one or two items that they really need, women consider shopping a hobby, a sport, a stress reliever or a social activity to bond with their friends.

Girls Shopping

Girls Shopping
From Flickr, User: Neil Maralee

Emotions and Reasoning

While men loose their reasoning when “ego”  is involved, women seem to be the wise voice preventing a fight between two high testosterone pumped males. On the other hand, a fight between a man and a woman is likely to go this way:


Women are so clean, they shower twice a day, once before going out and once before sleeping. Men shower on three occasions, before a date, after Gym and after masturbation.


Men cook because they think it is an art or because they want to seduce a girl, women cook because the fridge is empty and someone has to do something about it.

A Man Cooking

A Man Cooking
From Flickr, User: Neil Moralee

What Men and Woman look at

When men look at women, they try to imagine them naked. “I wonder if her boobs are real” or “wow, I bet she looks stunning under that dress”. When women look at women, they see their outfit, their makeup, their necklace, watch, earrings… etc, they don’t usually “wonder if those boobs are real” because they know if it is real or not as soon as they lay an eye on another woman.

When women look at men, they see their shoes, their hair, their watch and then the rest of their outfit and they do it without men even noticing that… it is like they are living in another time dimension, women examine us without us knowing that. From one look, they will know if you go to gym, what you have studied, what kind of work do you do, what kind of car do you drive, how expensive your house is and how much money you have in your bank account.

When men look at men… wait… men don’t look at men.

Feminism and double standards

Alright, so women want to be independent and they want equality with men. They want the same salary as men, they want to be equally represented in all career tracks… etc… that is all fine. But wait… they still think WE men, should make the first move in a relationship, ask them out, pay the check, buy them gifts and of course make them feel loved and give them a lot of attention and care. Here is what happened to “Bic” when they made a pen specially for “women”.

Men vs Women on Personal and Intellectual level

Quoting from the difference between the male and female brain:

The male brain is highly specialized, using specific parts of one hemisphere or the other to accomplish specific tasks. The female brain is more diffused and utilizes significant portions of both hemispheres for a variety of tasks.
Men are able to focus on narrow issues and block out unrelated information and distractions. Women naturally see everyday things from a broader, “big-picture” vantage point.

In addition, women have better interpersonal skills and can communicate and sympathize with other people more easily. As a conclusion, I think women make better Managers, leaders, teachers, therapists, customer service, Doctors, Nurses… Men would, on the other hand, make better Engineers, Scientists, Programmers, Accountants…

Men and Women in bed

Considering that men have the reputation of being “obsessed” with sex, you would expect more out of us in bed. But lets face it, we are biologically designed to perform our part of mating, then hibernate for 1 hour or so until we are ready to contribute to the growth of humanity again. Women, on the other hand, can do much better than that.

A woman in bed

A woman in bed
From Flickr user: Meg Wills

Social Attitude

Men are direct. If they don’t like you, they will say it to your face. Women are far more complicated; now they are your best friends, tomorrow you could be their “gossip material”. They don’t mean harm though, it is just a habitual entertainment segment of every women’s life.

Women vs Men – Senses

Men can see almost as good as women. Almost as good, because most men are almost color blinded when compared to women. The bad news for us men, is that we can’t hear, smell or taste half as good as women do.

Do you think that is all? NO! Have you heard about the sixth sense? Yes, gentlemen, women have this sense that they call “the sixth sense”. This is how your wife knows something bad is going on. Have you ever had one of those days when you walk in to your house and your wife comes close to you, kisses and hugs you? Trust me, that is not your wife, that is Sherlock Holmes trying to figure out, where you have been, who you have been with, what you ate, what you drank and how many cigarettes have you smoked.


Do we need to do the Math? Women are obviously way superior than men. I know, some of my fellow men out there will come and argue otherwise, they would sincerely try to argue that we men, are superior, because they believe that they are. Just think about it, women are the sensitive “gender” and they always look after our ego. If your mom, your sister, your GF or your wife has convinced you that “we”, men, are the superior gender, think again! They might be simply letting you hear what you wanna hear, ;).