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Professional Stereotypes

Do you think that professional stereotypes exist? Anna : I am dating someone new 🙂 Ria: Wow, really? tell me about him Anna: He is a young handsome guy, he works as a dentist,… Continue reading

WordAds: Advertising on WordPress

I seldom go off-topic (away from stereotypes) and even if I do, I still write about people, men, women; about countries, possibly about laws and their effect on societies… but I don’t go off-topic,… Continue reading

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  • MantisShrimp


    I have always been fascinated by watching people's behaviors and sometimes, I can't help but notice that these behavioral patterns vary greatly with each human race. So this is why i created this blog, about Stereotypes. Oh and why am I the Mantis Shrimp, well... I am good in observing people in all their colors and the Mantis Shrimp is known for its ability to see 16 differing sorts of photo-receptor pigments VS. a human's 3 photo-receptor pigments... i.e. a creature with superior eyesight.

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