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Arabic Stereotypes

Perhaps the most inaccurate stereotypes you might come across are those related to Arabs. Why? The Arab world hosts around 400 million people (almost 80 million more than United States’ population). The difference… Continue reading

The Lebanese Stereotypes

I wasn’t even planning to write this article this soon (certainly not before writing the Stereotypes of bigger nations like France, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Canada, Australia… etc)… why am I writing this article… Continue reading

The Perfect Woman

Imagine this… It is year 2454… You are a 25 years old man, you live on Earth in an artificial man-made dream city floating on top of the Atlantic Ocean. You are working… Continue reading

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  • MantisShrimp


    I have always been fascinated by watching people's behaviors and sometimes, I can't help but notice that these behavioral patterns vary greatly with each human race. So this is why i created this blog, about Stereotypes. Oh and why am I the Mantis Shrimp, well... I am good in observing people in all their colors and the Mantis Shrimp is known for its ability to see 16 differing sorts of photo-receptor pigments VS. a human's 3 photo-receptor pigments... i.e. a creature with superior eyesight.

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